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Tax and accounting service

Forget the documents, we see to work at them:

• Accountancy and fiscal management of the company
• Labour management
• Subventions processing
• Credits, loans
• Financial counselling

We give an integral solution to any financial need of a company, thanks tospecial agreements with Bankinter , in order to give the best offer to our clients.

Behind this offer lies a large team of people prepared in labour subjects, prepared to process registrations or resignations, to elaborate payslips, reconciliations with employees, etc.

Specialized people in fiscal subjects, who are fond of the last changes produced in fiscal subjects and who always try to find the most profitable solution, in order to make the client obtain the maximum benefit.

We process subventions, when we really believe there are possibilities to obtain them, in order to avoid the situation of the last years, when public funds were all exhausted because companies did not present the applications.

Out team will have a periodical meeting with the person in charge to advise him/her over the actions he/she should realize to maximise the results of his/her company.

The modus operandi of our company develops as follows:

- - Previously, the general situation of the company is examined; the goal is to make the client know the existence of all the possible problems, and eliminate them immediately.

Accountancy subjects::

• Non-stop counselling to the person in charge of your company.
• Opening of accountancy.
• Entering in the books of the operations of the company.
• Control of Treasury and invoicing.
• Development, when requested, of managing reports, such as cash-flows, financial condition, reports to financial institutions, etc.
• Development and presentation of accountant books and formalization of the deposit of accounts.
• Control on the administrative operations of the company.

Labour subjects:
• Non-stop counselling to the person in charge of the company.
• Opening of working centres.
• Control, application and negotiation of the collective agreements, applicable to the company activities.
• Registrations, modifications and resignations of the employees in the National Health Service.
• Controlling, developing and presenting to the Job Service job contracts and their extensions, if existing.
• Reckoning, development and settlement of the Social Insurances.
• Payslips’ electronic expedition (optional).
• Job regulation’s dossiers.
• Job-creating subventions’ processing.

Fiscal Subjects:

• Non-stop counselling in fiscal systems.
• Registrations, modifications and resignations in fiscal systems.
• Control, reckoning and management of company’s taxes.
• Accounts’ payments and I.R.P.F. deductions.
• I.V.A.’s quarterly and recap declarations.
• E.U. transactions’ quarterly and recap declarations.
• Annual declaration of transactions with third parties.

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