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The “virtual office”, available from 90 Euros per month, includes, as well as the fiscal, legal, social, and commercial domiciliation, the following services:

• Mail Reception: we will always inform you when you receive correspondence, and if you can’t come and pick it up, we can send it by fax, by post, by courier or, scanned, by e-mail; we always follow your instructions.

• Customized attention of your phone calls and messages: your phone calls will be answered in a personalized form (with the name of your company), and will be transferred at that very moment to your mobile phone, to your house, to every place in the world; if you are not able to answer the phone, we’ll take the message.

• Customized attention of your visits: as we represent your company, our staff is ready to inform people asking for you if you are not available.

• Personal Agenda management: if you want, we can manage your Personal Agenda, so that you can always request every important information you need.

• Access to the remaining services: you can have at your disposal fully equipped offices, board rooms, paying just for the hours spent in them.

• Desks with computer at your disposal, to connect to Internet, organize your daily activities, or just write some documents.

• Economic, general and sport press: you will have at your disposal a great variety of magazines and newspapers to read in any centre of ours.

• Use all ours centres: IBC offers the possibility of choosing amongst any of our centres, situated in different cities in Spain: in every place you will have access to the same services and will be able to create your own virtual network with small prices.

You also can pay without call or fax reception services: this service is cheaper (only 60 euros per month) and will allow you to forget all the problems of keeping an office open.

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