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Web Design

What can we do?

- Web Design

- Software

- Consulting

- Outsourcing

Web Design

The web page is the most easy and economic way to promote your business. By means of the web page, you can:

1. Expand your business
2. Obtain recognition and prestige
3. Catch clients
4. Offer new communication forms
5. Increase the sales

How much can cost me?

All projects have some requirements and orientations, that’s why prices cannot be offered before evaluation of every case in detail. Basically the final price depends on four factors:
• Difficulty of design which you are looking for and the technology to use.
• The number of pages that be necessary to develop.
• If the client provides all graphic material or all these must be scanned, retouched, etc.
• If the client has to can update contents, this means that you will be able to introduce contents to your Web, offering products, photographs, news, etc.

We will deal contracting your domain, hosting, e-mail addresses, and promotion in the principal web searches. Definitively our Web developments are projects like a “keys in the hand ", designed by the best professionals, and the target is that you new Web really serves as a mechanism to increase the number of contacts and sales.


We can develop commercial products, tools opensource and personalized projects. Solutions like a client – web server, distributed applications, web applications for Internet or intranet, database, personal systems, user's interfaces, components, tools of the development or productivity and datawarehousing.


We offer advising services in questions of exploration, planning of Resources, project control, organization, methodology, integration, development and quality control.


Trust us the part of your project. We will join with our team, and will help you to have in time and in costs this component that you needs.


When it is a question of development of software, we choose the methodology most adapted for every case, already it is RUP, tools Round Trip Engineering or Extremes Programming.


We understand that the future is a multiplatform. We offer solutions for Linux, Unix, Microsoft Windows, AS400, in the most varied equipments and environments: Java, Microsoft .NET/C *, C/C ++

Other points related to the engineering

Software Analysis, design and shaping of applications

Development of components and user's interfaces

Swing, JavaBeans

Distributed applications

MS DCOM / .Net


Sql Server

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